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To be included in our dealer list, please call barbie, our site administrator at 330-426-2779, with the name you do business as and the address where you would want customers to send your payments. If you are not a business, you would be listed as Selling Private Collection. We also need your phone number and fax number if you have one. The e-mail address you would want your customers to use. The forms of payment you are able to accept from your customers and a user name and password you would use to access the administration side of your site. If you wish only to be included in the Dealer List. Once I receive your information, you will be entered into the dealer list and you've done all you need to do. If you wish to enter your diecast inventory, I will e-mail you with instructions on how to list your diecast.


Listing is very easy and fun. Listing and updating are your responsibilities. This is your web site within I am here to help. If you have a web site of your own, please send me the address. It will be included with all your listings and will also appear in the dealer list.

We are placed at the top of all the search engines, which brings your web site or the listings you have on our site or both, to the top of the search engines where they are well seen. They will also be seen on 4,000 other sites where we have placed our link.

For those of you who do have a web site of your own, our site represents that all important one way link to your web site from a top ranked site. A link from our site to yours will help to improve your site's ranking in the search engines. We understand it's hard to get your store name out. On our site, the customer doesn't have to know your store name. You just need to have the piece they are looking for listed. When a customer clicks on a piece you have listed, we bring your name and contact information to the customer. Be found and give your site a boost in a new way.

All diecast sent out must be new or in like new condition, including the box. Diecast must also be shipped within two days after payment is received unless otherwise discussed with the customer. Please, business must always be conducted in a professional manor.

You may use pictures with each of your diecast listings if you wish. We have also added an extra blank page to each diecast web site that you may create if you wish. You may load one picture there and list your policies, list diecast specials, other merchandise or maybe promote another business you have. There is no extra cost and it is also very easy. I will edit the page to be sure it is appropriate.

We do a lot of national advertising that is free to you as a member of 
We are placed at the top of all the search engines and have over 4,000 links around the internet. We’ve been averaging 300 hits a day and our dealers do get sales.

Members also gain access to the Wanted area of our web site. In this area we have many requests from customers looking for certain diecast pieces. These are easy sales.

Please take a look at our site. What makes us unique is our Microsoft copyright search engine feature. If you have the piece the customer is looking for, your name and contact info will appear when the customer clicks on the piece. We find the customer for you.

Please call me with any further questions or to sign up to our site.

Phone 330-426-2779 

Thanks very much for your interest.

Barb Cohen


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