The boxes below list and display diecast that are FOR SALE on

Click on at least one dropdown box arrow.

Select one of the entries in that box and click search.

A list of all diecast which match your selection will be displayed, along with the names of all the dealers who have the piece, their prices & contact information.

Selecting "All" for all options will require significant download time.

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C/W = Clear Window
B/W = Black Window

          C/W/C = Clear Window Car
            C/W/B = Clear Window Bank
    T/F = Top Fuel Dragster
 F/C = Funny Car        


RCCA = Racing Collectibles Club Of America
H/O = Hood Open
B/W/B = Black Window Bank
BGN = Busch Grand National
AA = Super Charged Car
FD = Fuel (Nitro) Dragster
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